Paul and Barnabas

Year: 2019

Role: Developer, Designer, Database Administrator

Technologies Used:

  • bootstrap
  • browserify
  • chai
  • Express
  • gulp
  • heroku
  • Javascript
  • mocha
  • mongodb
  • mongoose
  • Node.js
  • npm
  • Pug
  • sass
  • sinon

Paul and Barnabas is an online territory database and management application built for Jehovah’s Witnesses. The application is built on Node with Express. After careful examination of data needs and future features, I decided that a NoSql database was best for the job. Mongoose is used with a Mongodb database hosted on mlab. The application currently is hosted on Heroku.

Congregations needed an elegant, simple way to organize, update, manage, and sync congregation territory in the field.  The UI is 100% mobile optimized, to be used in the field on mobile devices of all sizes. Bootstrap was used to speed up UI development. A pdf file is attached below of pre development designs created with sketch3, also created by yours truly!

This app was developed with a TDD workflow, using the mocha test framework. The Sinon.js library was utilized in these unit tests as well.

UI Designs

Paul and Barnabas Login Page

Paul and Barnabas Block View