Sheena Marie MUA

Year: 2017

Role: Theme Developer, Designer

Technologies Used:

  • css
  • html
  • Javascript
  • wordpress

This site was built for a professional makeup artist located in BlueBell, PA. This client needed a site to showcase her services, through pictures and descriptions. Using a custom built wordpress theme she is able to upload and edit here own content, while delivering a look that branded her creative work.

This website is SPA. The client is able to edit her content by page as any wordpress theme allows, however all pages are loaded on the initial HTTP request, eliminating the need for page refresh. This is accomplished using pure javascript. All links are intercepted with javascript, and loaded accordingly. Using this technique, the viewer is inclined to stay on the site longer and allows for a smoother User Experience.

UI Designs

100% Mobile Optimized


Realizing that this site relies entirely on JavaScript, a precaution was put into place using the “no script” tag.