WordPress Auto Login Chrome Extension

Year: 2020

Role: Developer

Technologies Used:

  • Chrome Extension
  • Javascript

In my role at Doctor Multimedia, I was in about 30 – 40 WordPress websites in one day. Every new task for another client meant searching for their account in Salesforce, navigating to their website, copying then pasting their username, and copying then pasting their password.

On average I spent about 10 seconds each ticket logging into the corresponding WordPress site. This amounted to about 400 seconds each day, not to mention the focus that’s lost while repeating this trivial task. As a programmer and problem solver I saw this as opportunity to use automated scripts in order to speed up my workflow, and the workflow of the entire development team.

I was able to utilize Chrome’s Extension API to build an extension that locates the domain, username, and password when you land on a client’s Salesforce account page. It will then activate a button that opens a new tab with a login script that triggers on load.

(For confidentiality reason credentials and URLs are hidden in the video.)