Zanders Form Submission

Year: 2017

Role: Designer, Developer, Database Administrator

Technologies Used:

  • composer
  • mySQL
  • PHP
  • PHPMailer
  • Twig

As a circuit overseer of Jehovah’s Witnesses, this client receives his weekly schedule from one of his congregations. This includes, addresses, names, phone numbers, meeting days and times. Using this site, he is now paperless, and more organized in managing his day-to-day activities.

This web app was built using the MVC design pattern, while also implementing the Twig Templating Engine. Composer was used to manage all dependencies.

Zanders Form Submission Animations

Animations were used to communicate instruction, and action. The form uses AJAX on every form submission to send all data to the database after each individual form is filled, so as to decrease chance of data loss.

The data that is submitted by each individual is then parsed and intelligently displayed to the client, depending on which day of the week it is, depending on which information is relevant to that day.

Zanders Form Submission Dashboard